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Improve Your Business With Appropriate Business Card Designs

June 10th, 2021

Business card design is something to take seriously especially if you desire your business to make an impression on people. It is also important for your services to be easily referred by satisfied customers to other potential clients.

Everyone seems to be trying to convince us that we live in an electronic world these days, but those who truly understand business know that paper still has genuine value; as shown by the use of business cards up to this date.

You can exchange Facebook accounts and e-mail addresses rather easy, but the most effective way to spread information and get your potential clients to remember your business is still through a great business card design.

In any case, not all business card designs are equal in terms of aesthetics, effectiveness, and distinctiveness. In fact research has shown that a business card that is distinguishable (for the right reasons!) provides more benefits to the business owner as compared to a card that is too simple and only blends in, or something that gives off a negative impression.

Let’s discuss a little regarding some of the industries that still use business cards to start relationships with new customers while distributing information about the products and services they offer as well. Two businesses that are on top of the list are insurance sales and the salon industry.

Regardless of the fact that these two industries are completely different, they are similar in such a way that if people want to succeed in these avenues, they have to forge real relationships with their clients.

In the insurance industry, you cannot succeed at all if you don’t create and maintain good relationships with your clients. Your business card design will hopefully assist you in making these relationships. You will have to gain your customer’s trust and learn more about them so you can predict what they need and what they don’t. Your business cards should exude a feel of friendliness, trustworthiness and familiarity.

For that reason, it might be alright to go with a bold style but you don’t want to delve into the extreme. What you are aiming for is something classy, if a little understated. You have to give only the important information, but without too much hassle.

Using the Times New Roman font is a great fit for such a card, while something too flashy like Broadway is best avoided. In any case, not all business card designs are equal in terms of aesthetics, effectiveness, and distinctiveness. Everything should be bold, understated and confident.

The opposite of this applies to a salon-type business. People are drawn to your business because they want you to be stylish, and the type of relationship between you and your customers will not be very formal. Most times, one who runs a salon business ends up being friends with a lot of customers, and in a very crowded industry, you want to be able to be easily distinctive.

Therefore, the perfect business card design may be flashier, and you can use some of those more flamboyant fonts and styles.

You certainly don’t want to have a card with “boring” written across it, so colors can be more vibrant and pleasing to the eyes. Your layout can be more varied and adventurous, but you absolutely have to do it properly so your card won’t appear “cheap”.

Akin to the example of insurance business cards having the correct type of paper, you also have to invest in an appropriate paper stock that fits well with your design.

The right business card designs can be great stepping stones to improve business. Take to heart that your card may be displayed to people as something to portray the first impression of you and the services and products you offer!

Consider and ponder on a card that represents you and your business suitably.